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In some cases, transformation is developing and integrating new technologies to sustain competitiveness. In others, it’s working with what you have and modernising, or increasing the utilization of existing technologies.

Irrespective, our approach is tried-and-tested, globally peer reviewed and with a track record of success.

We take a holistic approach, analysing your operating model, business model and client/customer/citizen experience to ensure all are aligned.

Our approach is always customised to your specific challenges and opportunities. And we won’t just leave you with a big slide deck and wish you luck. We’ll operationally deliver it too, if required. This approach helps ensure our strategies are always implementable and value creating.


We make absolutely sure we understand your situation and aspirations. Unlike other consultancies, this means no generic approaches and no cut-and-paste from previous engagements.


Every situation and aspiration is different. The easy way is to design generic responses. Our way is to design a response that can be fully mapped back to the agreed understanding of the problem statement, with due regard for risk, resourcing, value generation, strategic alignment and governance.


We are highly successful at walking-our-talk. But mere deployment is not success. Success is when users adopt the solution and where incremental value is generated. This is why we emphasize governance, it helps ensure that transformation produces the value expected of it.

Excellent work enabling our digital transformation & establishing modern data management practices.”

Veronika Bencze -

Director of Finance and Administration, Native Child and Family Services of Toronto

for educators.

We know technology consulting. We know education. Now we’ve brought them together to help educators do more with less.

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Reporting, analytics, machine learning and artificial intelligence all make a vital assumption; that the data they run on is fit-for-purpose. In reality, that’s seldom the case, and putting data to work while not understanding its quality is a risk that can have legal, financial and reputational consequences.

We apply decades of experience in the full data value chain to qualify data as fit-for-purpose and to ensure its sustainability. Only once we understand this can we think about powerful data use.


We consider the role of data architecture, modelling, storage mechanisms, unstructured data, metadata, master and reference data, governance and privacy - amongst others - as means to evaluate overall data quality. We establish processes and governance so it can ultimately meet the value creation expected of it.


One of the greatest challenges to a sustainable data capability is the amount of knowledge maintained only in people’s heads. In the short term this extraordinary risk is mitigated through project documentation. In the longer term, processes, tools and governance mitigate both operational and succession risk.


Using data to identify opportunities to refine and optimize the organization’s strategy. As advocates of the power of data to do good, we take an ethical approach to supporting your fiduciary responsibility to customers, clients or citizens, and using their data in responsible ways to achieve your objectives.

Their skills in data management, governance & innovation are unparalleled. Their secret weapon is that they listen to their partners.”

Barbara Fallon -

Professor, University of Toronto


Technology Development.

Next-generation technology that works in the real world, not just in the boardroom.

Leveraging our expertise in new and emerging technologies, we advise on and create scalable, decentralized solutions that we’ve deployed across industries and around the world for our clients in a variety of use cases.

Enabling change through technology is one of our specialties, creating solutions that have meaningful impact, pulling together DLT, IoT, AI, data, and cloud technologies to create digital-first solutions that move beyond just digitization.

We pride ourselves on simplifying complex technologies, deployable to diverse environments be they in the field or in the office.

Our user- centric and design thinking uncovers the real needs of your users and the environments in which solutions will be used.

With our experience across remote and diverse environments, sometimes with limited internet connectivity, we create context and culturally sensitive solutions that are practical and empowering.

Blockchain + DLT

We are experienced in developing solutions in a number of blockchain technology stacks, having worked on both public and bespoke private networks for both pilot and production scale. We are active in a number of technology communities furthering the development and adoption of these nascent technologies, but are pragmatic in their application - blockchain is not a magic solution for everything. We can help you sort out the truth from the hype and advise on where it will have impact.


Our solutions often focus on developing high trust data registries, for uses like supply chain traceability, asset ownership and event registries. This often includes pulling together multiple technologies to help bind the physical world to the digital one, incorporating things like RFID, NFC, QR or optical marks readable through machine vision, or DNA and chemical taggants as the use cases warrant. Let us help you find the right solution for your needs.

Digital Identity + credentialing

We have created our own products and advised others on the coming world of decentralized identity on the internet. We’re adept at using blockchain-based DIDs and identity registries while helping to create the future pathways to these solutions with today’s technologies (like OpenID Connect). Digital identity wallets, digital signatures and notarizations, and integrating existing IAM ecosystems into this new world of user- owned identity and data sovereignty is where we thrive.

Technology itself doesn’t create change. People do, and we empower them.

“They navigated a politically complex & operationally insecure environment, delivering results seamlessly that exceeded expectations.”

Kunal Dhar -

Chief, Rule of Law and Human Security Unit, UNDP Afghanistan (2017-2020)



Ryerson University.

Toronto-based Ryerson University was seeking an approach to IT that would help it build incremental IT capability by leveraging its current IT investments.

We created a structured mechanism to enable Ryerson to develop incremental IT capabilities from its existing IT investments. We also introduced ten principles of IT governance as a guide to help ensure that IT creates the value expected of it both for students and for the university.

Our recommendations and methods have since been put into practice to help Ryerson achieve their goal of creating incremental value from their existing technology portfolio.

Native Child.

One of the largest indigenous child welfare agencies in Ontario needed improved digital capabilities to support its growth and to increase its agility.

Stabilized, standardized and grew the IT platform to enable a solid foundation for future digital transformation while fulfilling the role of interim CIO.
Identified the organization’s current IT challenges and priorities before technology and governance restitution activities were designed, funded and successfully performed over a six-month period. In addition, we resolved cybersecurity vulnerabilities, enabled a modern approach to integrated identity and access management, and established a Security Operations Centre.

Technology modernization was achieved while reducing annual IT expenditure by 18%. Service desk and incident management performance improved significantly. Policies and processes were enhanced or developed to ensure sustainable IT practices. IT risk management practices were introduced to help ensure IT continuity.