Credentials services,
for educators.

Services are designed to be conducted sequentially, yielding the greatest results, however depending on the maturity of an organization, they may also be executed independently, or in refined series or batches.

Alongside Convergence.Tech Identity (C.TI), a powerful digital credentials platform, we offer a progressive series of organizational services to aid the integration and value add of digital credentials.


Understanding the Why.

Uncover the motivations and value for the organization for digital credentials; detailing objectives, KPIs, time frame and more. Align your strategic intent and determine the benefits to the organization and motivations of the learners.


Aligning with community partners enhances the value of credentials for recipients. Interactions with employers to determine high value skills, higher ed acceptance criteria or associations evaluating license requirements. Ensure that the envisioned digital credentials are closely aligned and well understood at those destinations.

Instructional Design.

Review, design, extend curriculum and existing metrics on how courses and learning experiences are designed to meet the objectives defined. Ensure curriculum and assessments are in alignment with the findings from the organizational strategy as well as that of the community.

Technology Integration.

Evaluate and pilot technology solutions that meet the needs of the organization and align with community requirements. Define and create the “What” - the credential(s) the organisation is seeking to build mapped into technology, training and support.

The How.

Get started implementing strategy and processes. The deployment and action of your skills or digital credential strategy encompassing both human + technology factors.

Alumni and Continued Engagement.

Extend your engagement, create the 60 year curriculum for lifelong learners. Begin to align and extend the organizational strategy to create longer term relationships with students and re-engage with alumni.

Sample deliverables include:

  • Defining and recommending leading and lagging success measures
  • Pilot design and determining offerings
  • Designing the user journey
  • Incorporation of identified Learner Engagement Framework to ensure the initiative meets market demands and reaches learners
  • Review pilot offering and recommend improvements
  • Identifying wrap around support services needed
  • Designing the ecosystem for micro-credential support and recognition by business and industry
  • Real-time, ongoing support

" continues to prove itself as a leader in so many spaces innovation, credentialing, customer engagement, visioning, and strategy."

Mark Hansen -
School District of Elmbrook, Wisconsin

Engagement Structure.

We know that no two organizations are the same. We pride ourselves in uncovering specific challenges, opportunities and solutions for each of our valued clients. Therefore, each of our engagements begin with discovery and initiation followed by a proposal, schedule and quote for subsequent phases. Indicative Schedule.

  • Week 1: Kickoff + discovery (1 - 2 hrs)
  • Week 2: Project initiation + create Scope of Work (2 - 4 hrs)
  • Week 3: Finalise Scope of Work + timeline (1 - 2 hrs)
  • Week 4+: Engagement commences