Our commitment. A personal statement from our CEO, Chami.

My Dad started this.

An inspirational figure, he grew up in poverty in Sri Lanka, supported by a single mother, working from the age of 10.

He was self-taught, and a self-made businessman.

His compassion had him start a trust fund championing youth education so more people could be lifted up, like he was.

When I was 17 he literally took my first ever paycheck from my hand, and gave it to feed people in Sri Lanka.

The trust fund is now 30 years old - and I’m a good deal older too - but his actions have shaped my life, and now shape our company too.

We invest personally in youth education.

We do it because we know it’s the best chance we have of helping people out of poverty and solving the many challenges the world faces.

We do it because the education sector, frankly, needs help.

The privilege of a few is not open to the many. We need a democratising force so kids in rural Canada and Afghanistan get access to quality education and work opportunities around the world, like their contemporaries.

We’re a small company, but we think - and act - big.

Our events have brought thousands of young people together, across continents, to tackle important issues like climate change, digital inclusion and mental health.

Global Student Voice is a major focus for us. Every two months this new community of learners will come together to hear from leading thinkers, give feedback and influence policy decisions. If you know passionate, engaged students please tell them about it.

You’ll continue to hear more from us on education and youth.

I wanted you to know why.

Thank you,

Chami, CEO.

Toronto, May 2021.