Helping the world move again.

Our COVID TravelPass is used by Singapore - part of the Government HealthCerts initiative - so anyone with a negative COVID-19 test result can travel outside the country again.

Whether it’s international travel - or getting people back into locations like work, school or events - we’re helping normal life to resume again safely.

Privacy is central, our digital wallet allows individuals to maintain control of their personal health information and share it in a way that is secure, verifiable and trusted.

We’re also actively participating in efforts to align the industry behind privacy protecting, interoperable, global standards for COVID credentials.


“The portal we created together enables Singaporeans to travel internationally again, safely."

Ginny Foo -
Innoquest Diagnostics Pte Ltd


Key benefits.


Our APIs hook into existing clinic, public health, and airline systems. We seamlessly fit into the customer journey at numerous points to make credential issuance and validation easy for passengers to manage, and easy for airlines to meet their compliance requirements.

No app downloads

Our credentials are highly flexible and can be picked up via SMS, Email, QR code, or ported into existing wallets (Apple and Android). Our web-wallets also present numerous options for high assurance presentation of our credentials for validation, and our SDKs can otherwise be integrated into existing airline apps.


Compatible with leading identity standards like W3C Verifiable Credentials and OpenAttestation, we support a variety of credential formats being issued in the ecosystem today, like HealthCerts, VCI SMART Health Cards, and Good Health Pass. Active in the standards space with the airline industry, we can help you navigate the waters of the various credential formats being issued globally and devise a suitable strategy.


Case study.


We partnered with Innoquest Diagnostics to issue digital pre-departure COVID-19 test results for outbound travellers, in collaboration with their 3,000 clinic partners, the Government Technology Agency (GovTech) and Ministry of Health Singapore.

Upon a negative COVID-19 test, our COVID TravelPass immediately creates a secure verifiable digital certificate of the result which travellers can add to their digital wallet and present at the airport. Immigration officers and airlines can then verify the results in real-time and permit safe entry. Thousands per day are being issued as travel slowly resumes in the region.