Better Government. Empowered citizens.

Governments globally are increasingly adopting credentials-based and decentralized identity models. These models respect and protect the rights of citizens, and modernise the delivery of services like permits, ID cards and licenses.

Our credentialing platform puts citizens at the center of their own data sharing and enables strong, verifiable credentials that protects their privacy.


Convergence.Tech is one of our earliest partners in the development of our verifiable documents and credentials library, OpenAttestation, having laid the cornerstone for decentralised identity, and creating the first version of our most widely deployed HealthCerts format."

Barry Lim -

Principal Delivery Manager, Government Technology Agency


What we enable.

Digital wallets

Empower citizens to carry their permits, credentials and licenses on their devices. Easy integration options and SDKs mean a seamless, browser-based experience that doesn’t require an app download, and can be extended to higher assurance use cases.


Grounded in cryptology, verifiable credentials create counterfeit-proof digital cards and documents that can be verified as authentic by anyone digitally.

Frictionless citizens

Usable as authentication tokens to online services, digital wallets provide a way for citizens to bring-their-own-identity that can span between government services while still protecting data and privacy.

Beyond government

With interoperable identity standards, like W3C verifiable credentials and decentralized identifiers, which are becoming widely adopted globally, credentials can flow in and out of government identity wallets and into the private sector, creating choice and utility for citizens.

We have several government projects in development around the world, to be announced shortly. Contact us about how verifiable credentials can help you deliver better government and empowered citizens.
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