Industry skills passports

With C.TI Verifiable Credentials Platform.

Next level skills management and governance.

Many industries - including healthcare, aged care, mining, construction, nuclear, and security -  have critical needs around workers’ skills, mobility, compliance, training and security. Centralized systems quickly become complex, fragmented and inefficient.
A decentralized approach based on Verifiable Credentials changes the paradigm. C.TI enables organizations to enhance security, reduce risk and reach new levels of operational efficiency.  Workers enjoy quick compliance, clear CPD pathways and are in control of their own private data, building trust.
C.TI is used by 600+ clients including organizations like the Work Based Learning Consortium and Prosple.
It’s easy to join the decentralized revolution.
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Benefits at a glance



  • De-risk operations and improve safety. Digitally verifying claims don't require contacting a 3rd party to verify authenticity, can’t be forged or faked, and support real-time revocations to ensure the data is always accurate.
  • Increase worker mobility. Stop unnecessary re-training and screening as workers move between facilities to provide services.
  • Streamlined onboarding. Workers carry proof of their training, course completions, certifications and authorizations in a mobile digital wallet which is always on them.
  • Fast start! Easy to integrate and issue credentials in bulk
  • Respects worker privacy
  • Low-cost, tiered pricing plans
  • Enhance CPD with digital badges and learning pathways
  • Dashboard analytics, live support


  • In control. Private. No risk of data abuse
  • No more unnecessary retraining
  • Easy mobility between facilities
  • Valid, unalterable proof of identity and qualifications, even offline
  • Enhanced CPD with digital badges and learning pathways
  • Card and badges easily stored and stacked in a wallet
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Who's using C.TI?

600+ organizations in
12 countries, including:


"We believe that this is an opportunity to bring our students from underrepresented communities closer to in-demand technologies while at the same time giving them a unique certification."

Pablo Listingart -
Executive Director,

"We were delighted to be an early adopter of virtual certificates in the non-academic space. Providing a virtual certificate is an elegant way to recognize their accomplishment. C.T have been great to work with. Three years later, we are a very satisfied partner."

Wayne Lamon -
Programs and Registrar,
Work-based learning consortium