Build trust. Champion your industry.

In an era of misinformation, all claims should be provable. Our digital credentials equip your members with provable claims about their membership, learning, and professional accomplishments. Easy to share with clients and employers, they build trust and strengthen the perception of your association.


Digital credentialing has saved us time, modernized our brand and brought additional credibility to our credential. It allows us to recognize our candidates immediately and allows them to amplify their achievements instantly."

Faiza Venzant -

Executive Director, Council for Certification in Volunteer Administration


Key benefits.

Stand out

Postable to social media and shareable through links, professional associations can equip their members to make provable claims about themselves and the documents they produce.

Skills pathways

Increase engagement with your membership body by creating skills pathways to reflect and encourage their professional development.

Access resources

Confirm attendance to events and allow access to online resources without having to manage a username and password.

We have several projects with Professional Associations in development around the world, to be announced shortly. Contact us about how verifiable credentials can help your industry.
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