A new generation of membership cards.

C.TI is better not only because it’s digital, but also because it’s based on a decentralized platform powered by Verifiable Credentials. It puts members in control of their own private data, building trust with you.
C.TI is used by 600+ clients including membership organizations like the Human Resources Professional Association (Canada’s largest HR organization) and the International Police Association.
It’s easy to join the decentralized revolution.
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C.TI for Membership

Benefits at a glance


Membership Organization

  • Time/money saving vs. physical cards
  • Fast start! Easy to integrate and issue credentials in bulk
  • Fast, one-time, LMS connection, automated issuance, no uploading spreadsheets
  • Respects member privacy
  • Low-cost, tiered pricing plans
  • Enhance CPD with digital badges and learning pathways
  • Cryptographic security protects your brand
  • Whitelabelling and custom design builds your brand when shared online
  • Dashboard analytics, live support


  • In control. Private. No risk of data abuse
  • Valid, unalterable proof of membership
  • Access events and resources, even offline
  • Enhanced CPD with digital badges and learning pathways
  • Card and badges easily stored and stacked in a wallet
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Who's using C.TI?

600+ organizations in
12 countries, including:


"Digital credentialing has saved us time, modernized our brand and brought additional credibility to our credential. It allows us to recognize our candidates immediately and allows them to amplify their achievements instantly."

Faiza Venzant -
Executive Director,
Council for Certification in Volunteer Administration