A new standard of trust.

Verifiable digital seals are the next evolution of notarised documents. They ensure the documents they appear on are authentic and untampered with, and are independently verifiable against common and open standards (W3C Verifiable Credentials). Critical documents have never been safer.


Key benefits.

Trust your eyes

Tamperproof, traceable digital seals enables you to easily confirm the authenticity of the documents you’re looking at. Save time and ensure data integrity.


Verifiable seals and digital fingerprints can increase trust in the documents you produce, boosting confidence for the individuals that use and rely on them.

Easy validation

Our cryptographically sealed documents are instantly verifiable against open standards by anyone with an internet connection. Machine readable, they allow ingestion of the information they contain into your existing digital systems.

We have several projects in development around the world, to be announced shortly. Contact us about how verifiable credentials can help you.
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