Pulling the marketing lever for the first time

May 26, 2021

Marketing doesn't start companies.

But you know your start-up is doing something right when it starts to become necessary.

Necessary to tell our story properly to an ever widening network.

Necessary to build on great client successes, and reach even higher.  

Necessary to provide a north star for a rapidly growing team.    

That's why, after 3 hectic years I'm proud to say that we've pulled the marketing lever for the first time and revisited Convergence.Tech's reason for being, and the way we show ourselves to the world via our brand identity and website.

We also decided to merge Trybe.ID into Convergence.Tech so we’re more streamlined.

We're not a bunch of folks that do much navel gazing. Anyone who's met us knows that we're do-ers, that we target impact and change on the ground so looking inward like this, into the DNA of our company, was a novel experience. I have to say though, it was hugely validating and affirming.

We've collected a rare team here at C.T, they're some of the smartest, nicest, most committed people you'll meet. The conversations about who we are, what we're here to do, why we do it and how we're different to other consultants and tech companies were exhilarating. So much energy, passion, determination and alignment in the group.

It was an easy, natural process too because it all genuinely came from within.

It left me feeling even prouder of the group, and more excited for the future.

So how is C.T different?

  • a passion for social impact & change at our core, not a CSR initiative from HR
  • we get on-the-ground to truly understand problems, not cut-and-paste previous solutions
  • we keep our docs short and our thinking practical, we're here to solve problems not show how clever we are.
  • we solve problems and move on, not endlessly farm clients

I could go on….

We wanted our identity to start to differentiate us, and today I’m very happy to share our new logo and endline with you.

We chose an energetic lilac as our colour. It sets the tone for a modern, progressive company.  

We chose our logo to show how we work in a changing, complex world, and reflect how we bring together harmony and solutions.

We deliberately chose something that we think looks different - it lacks symmetry, it's 'incomplete' - because we are different and we want people to remember us.

That's not easy in this hectic world!

End Lines are funny. Do they mean anything? In this case, yes.

'We see what can be' fell naturally out of our conversations. Whether it's transformation consulting or technology solutions, whether for corporations or to support development, it sums up the team's fearlessness in the face of the most complex problems, and the clarity and expertise to solve them.

  • We see ourselves as a new breed of consultants for today’s hardest problems, and we’ve been blessed these past 3 years.
  • We’ve led corporates through digital transformation and data projects
  • We’ve enabled educators to adapt to new ways of learning and empower students.
  • We’ve worked with UNDP to make a difference to lives in India, Afghanistan, Morocco and Mongolia.
  • We’ve helped governments get people travelling safely internationally after COVID again.

Thank you to everyone who has supported us on the journey so far, too numerous to mention!

With our new suit on, and a highly motivated team I can’t wait for what the future holds.

Best wishes,

Toronto, 26th May 2021.