TravelPass Launched By Convergence.Tech

March 24, 2021

Convergence.Tech has launched TravelPass. TravelPass enables laboratories to autonomously upload COVID-19 results and clinics to provide digital certification for travellers to prove their COVID-19 negative test or vaccination status.

When travellers are tested for COVID-19 through healthcare providers, testing laboratories notify healthcare providers upon a negative result. TravelPass immediately creates a secure verifiable digital certificate of their results which travellers receive directly through a link sent to their email, as travellers need to provide test results within a mandated window of time before they can fly.

Alternatively, TravelPass may be extended to travellers who have received the COVID-19 vaccines to provide them with a digital certificate of their vaccination record. Passengers add their certificates to a digital wallet, which they can present at the airport via their mobile device or laptop, without the need to download a third-party application. Airlines can verify the results in real-time and permit safe entry.

While there is currently no standard worldwide ‘health passports,’ TravelPass uses leading global digital identity standards such as the W3C’s Verifiable Credentials Data Model and Decentralized Identifiers, brought together by the world’s most widely adopted and deployed identity protocol, OpenID Connect, to create digital credentials that are safe, easy, and secure.

Chami Akmeemana, CEO of Convergence.Tech, said that: “The health and safety of all citizens, not just people who travel internationally, is the top concern of governments all over the world.”

Akmeemana continued: “Airlines need to know that presented credentials have been verified, and that passengers have truly tested negative for COVID-19 or have received the vaccine before their flight. Our industry-leading layer of security adds legitimacy to the process – no forged test results here.”

In Singapore, Convergence.Tech has partnered with Innoquest Diagnostics to issue digital HealthCerts for outbound travellers via the IQcert portal, in collaboration with the Government Technology Agency (GovTech) and Ministry of Health (MOH) Singapore.

Innoquest is one of the largest providers of PCR tests in the country, with more than 3000 clinic partners. Travellers in Singapore have been using HealthCerts since February.

TravelPass supports organizations looking to provide secure, provably authentic, and verifiable health results. The platform adheres to the highest levels of privacy and security standards, empowering users to control and share their health data.

Operating globally, Convergence.Tech provides identity and credentialing solutions to governments, humanitarian agencies, across the education sector, and in support of professional associations.