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With C.TI Verifiable
Credentials Platform.

Centralized identity failed. Too many leaks, hacks and data misuse, no confidence that users are respected.

Trust is making a comeback. C.TI is a verifiable credentials platform that gives users ownership and control of their own identity. It’s common-sense thinking that’s rebuilding institutional trust. Combined with digital delivery, it’s improving efficiency and experiences too.
C.TI is already used by 600+ organizations across 12 countries including education, government, membership organizations and in industry for skills passports.
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Winner - Digital Innovation of the Year: Assessment & Credentials

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A decentralized approach works
for the whole ecosystem.



  • Respects user privacy
  • Fast start! Easy to integrate and issue credentials in bulk
  • Low-cost, tiered pricing plans
  • Cryptographic security protects your brand
  • Users and verifiers are 100% confident in authenticity
  • No issues with expired or revoked credentials, works in real time
  • Whitelabelling and custom design builds your brand recognition online
  • Dashboard analytics, live support


  • In control. Private. No risk of data abuse
  • Valid, unalterable proof of attainment
  • Easy to share when and how you want, even offline
  • Easily stored and stacked in a wallet


  • Less time verifying, 100% confidence in authenticity
  • No risk of expired or revoked credentials being accepted
  • Accept and verify in real-time even when offline
  • Fully machine readable, ability to build autonomous pipelines
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New Features

Pathways help motivate students towards their goal.
Easily stored and stacked in a wallet.

What does it mean for me?

Who's using C.TI?

600+ organizations in
12 countries, including:


"C.TI works how we need it to - not the other way around - and provides students with great looking, private, portable recognition of the skills acquired while in our care. Nothing was too much trouble for the team at Convergence.Tech."

Eric Berngen -
Coordinator of Programs & Workforce Development for the Innovation Center,
St. Vrain Valley Schools

"They bring stellar expertise to the technical aspects of badging and e-portfolio functionalities, and a deep understanding of the full implications of the paradigm shift many educators need to undertake to implement competency-based learning facilitation."

Robert T. McLaughlin, Ph.D. -
Executive Director,
National Collaborative for Digital Equity

"We believe that this is an opportunity to bring our students from underrepresented communities closer to in-demand technologies while at the same time giving them a unique certification."

Pablo Listingart -
Executive Director,

"Digital credentialing has saved us time, modernized our brand and brought additional credibility to our credential. It allows us to recognize our candidates immediately and allows them to amplify their achievements instantly."

Faiza Venzant -
Executive Director,
Council for Certification in Volunteer Administration